1. How do I make purchase?

Getting a reborn has been made easy by my team set in place. Go to the shop page, select a reborn which would suit your finance and add to your cart. Proceed with checkout and have your order paid for with either of the payment methods set in place for you. Persons of the United Kingdom are expected to pay via Bank Transfer of either banks you posses. The end bank recipients do not carry the name of artist but it’s partners as such you are trusted to confirm your payment as you proceed to transfer. Beautiful clients from the United States would have variety of payments available either with options that would be displayed on their checkout page or after having contacted the customer service for assistance on which payment options are available. Clients are expected to confirm payment and have their copy of payment receipts sent to through email for easy siting and always use reference code as their names and that of the doll. For instance “Angela Cook- Landon” There we know she does want a baby Landon and easy traceable to us too. This is to get your order up to speed and have delivery ready for you.

2. Shipping Process

Shipping a reborn is going to be as easy as getting groceries from the grocery shop. Once your order is placed and received, contact would be made to confirm your order via email. Reborns would come in their custom made boxes and have them sent to your desired location. Shipping to the USA would be via USPS, RoyalMail would handle deliveries for United Kingdom clients, AussiePost would be responsible for Australian clients, CanadaPost for our lovely women UP North of USA and DHL would carry to the rest of the world as well. Shipping would be made and have you get a tracking number to monitor the progress of your baby to your home. Clients are expected to sign for their babies upon delivery.

3. Would I get what I ordered for?

It is with great pleasure we acknowledge the fact that all you my beautiful women would get exactly what you see from your cart. No alternations would be made on your babies. They would be as seen from the shop and that’s how you would have her delivered to you.

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