Joanna Kazmierczak Pietka

My name is Joanna Kazmierczak Pietka a professional reborn doll artist with thousands of reborn babies and kits in circulation. I chose so far to partner with my friend here who’s also much like a sister to me Kamilla Abdujabbarova, also reborn doll artist like me to emancipate the love of our babies and make the circulation of our top babies tour the world. 

These babies of ours are of great quality as many of you may have been owners of either my Elijah babies or Lulu or Lucille reborn babies. So it is with great joy I partner with this high end baby reborn artist Kamilla to distribute our dolls to homes of beautiful people. 

Find my dolls about in the shop and have yours ordered. Love comes from beautiful babies. Extend the rest of your love to one of our cuties.